Aging with dignity

A topic very close to my heart. What we can learn from the Japanese about “the rich diversity of services for seniors in Japan.” Please watch the 10-part series and let’s kick-start the conversation on dignified aging in Singapore.

What’s missing in education

“If you want to learn how to become a Mafia lord, you learn from a Mafia lord. You don’t go learn from Francis Ford Coppola. You learn from the people who do it.”

Long but insightful read. The conversation nailed down some of the problems with the current education model.

What Education is supposed to accomplish

Love this.

“The first priority has to be… to lend to those to be educated a mastery of their own language so that they can express themselves clearly and with precision, in speech and in writing. That’s the very first priority. The second priority is to give students an entree to and an identity within the culture of their society, which implies a study of history, literature, and all that. And the third, very close to the second, is to prepare people for living in a society in which science is important, which means to teach them mathematics, or at least arithmetic, and the fundamental skills important to observing the world.”

More here.

The economics of artificial intelligence

AI ”significantly lowers the cost of prediction…AI will become a much better predictor than humans are, and as the quality of AI prediction goes up, the value of human prediction will fall…as the value of human prediction falls, the value of human judgment goes up because AI doesn’t do judgment—it can only make predictions and then hand them off to a human to use his or her judgment to determine what to do with those predictions.”

Must-read article.

Is AI making it extremely easy for students to cheat?

“… teachers, myself included, need to do a better job of incorporating technology…and finding ways of using it in productive ways…. Just as robotics has transformed manufacturing, tools like Wolfram|Alpha are forcing us to rethink an educational system by challenging it to rise to the new technological standard. Either we reshape our schools to embrace tools like Wolfram|Alpha, or we risk becoming living artifacts in a rapidly progressing world.”

More here.